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Vending machine
Community Project

Rivka, as a local actor, wants to set up a platform where we can enjoy local and healthy products for all

The objective is to offer an economically viable platform while creating synergies with local actors

Among our management tasks there will be the idea of minimizing the carbon impact of such a machine by prioritizing local suppliers And the idea of ensuring that being healthy is not a question of privilege vis-à-vis - wallet screw

Demande d'installation

Vous souhaitez installer notre distributeur sur votre terrain.

Vous souhaitez proposer notre distributeur dans votre entreprise.

Contactz-nous dès aujourd'hui.

Demande de partenariat

Vous souhaitez profiter de notre program local de soutien de notre distributeur. 

Vous proposez des produits consommables Swiss Made et pensez que c'est un bon candidat pour nos distributeurs.

Contactez nous dès aujourd'hui.

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Good habits

Drinks (still water) and snacks (seasonal fruits) will remain the most affordable in the machine versus sweet snack or drink solutions


Open Communication

We will offer an open relationship with the local community to integrate them into the choices of the products offered.

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We will create synergies to support the various local players such as sports clubs for example

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